Saturday, January 29, 2005

Festa delle Marie e Corteo Storico

Start time: 15:00
Place: Da San Pietro di Castello a Piazza S. Marco (16.30)
Organizer: Consorzio Europeo Rievocazioni Storiche
From S. Pietro di Castello (departure at 3.00pm) to Piazza S. Marco, one of the traditional event of the Carnival. Historical parade by C.E.R.S. – direction by Bruno Tosi
Partecipation costs: Free


Start time: 15:00
Place: Campo San Maurizio
Organizer: Compagnia de Calza “I Antichi”
Cerimonia di apertura delle manifestazioni per il 25º anno di attività della Compagnia de Calza “I Antichi” nell’era contemporanea.
Partecipation costs: Free


Start time: 16:00
Place: Campo S. Maurizio – Piazza San Marco
Organizer: Compagnia de Calza “I Antichi”
Presentazione della “Festa dei Marìi”. Con “I mariti ideali”, i Gemellini Casanova, i Tamburi Medievali di Brisighella, i personaggi de “I Antichi”.
A seguire: Illustrazione del concorso di idee “Se mi podesse…”.
Partecipation costs: Free

Sfilata di Maschere

Start time: 16:30
Place: Piazza San Marco
Partecipation costs: Free


Start time: 17:00
Place: Campo San Maurizio
Organizer: Compagnia de Calza “I Antichi”
Grande concorso “El Marìo Ideàl” (Il Marito Ideale) 2005. Prove di destrezza, arte applicata e abilità. Elezioni a suffragio universale. Conducono Colo de Fero e Bob R. White. Con la partecipazione della Cortigiana Donna Lucrezia. Regia : Luca Colo de Fero Colferai.
A seguire: Illustrazione del concorso di idee “Se mi podesse…”
A chiudere: “El Gran Balo dei Marìi” con Marney Taylor e Cuginomicheledigei.
Partecipation costs: Free

Cocktail in Costume

Start time: 17:30
Place: Caffè Lavena, Piazza S.Marco
Organizer: C.C.I.
In the elegant Gran Caffé Lavena, the preferred café of Wagner and many other artists, an happy hour to reniew the Carnival tradition to have a cocktail with friends, entertained by our artists, like the Siberian glass players. Dress code: costume.
Partecipation costs: Euro 70


Start time: 20:15
Place: Palazzo Pisani Moretta
Organizer: Tragicomica
The intriguing and malicious Casanova spirit, embodied by the ironical and irriverent Master of Ceremony, will flutter over the fun and the wonder of this night, where the pleasure of the senses will change your fantasy behind the Mask.
The wonderful frame on the Canal Grande, Palazzo Pisani Moretta and its Halls magnificently decorated and enriched with epoch stuccos, the magic of its light irradiated by a thousand candles, will be the ideal choreography for the aphrodisiac welcome Aperitif, the Dinner performing an historical journey into the traditional venetian taste, the Balls, the Entertainments and the Shows performed by international artists between spectacular Masks and sumptuous Costumes to celebrate into the most seductive atmosphere the glamour and the burlesque tradition of Carnival in Venice.
Partecipation costs: Euro 390

Venezia Porta d’Oriente/Venice Gateway To The Orient

Start time: 20:30
Place: Palazzo Barbarigo
Organizer: C.C.I.
The Fortune of Venice has always been connected with the Orient and the adventurous travels of the Venetian merchants. This Gala Dinner and Dance dedicated to Venice which in formers days was the door to the Orient, is a typical party of the Carnival of Venice, like was celebrated in the 18th Century when invading the Oriental artists was expression of luxury and glamour for the Venetian nobility.
Guests will enjoy a special party, during a sumptuous Venetian dinner where they can discover some typical recipes influenced by the oriental cuisine. Dress Code: costume.

Partecipation costs: Euro 300

I Balli della Serenissima e Omaggio alle Sette Marie / Balls of The Serenissima Venice and Celebration of the Seven Marie

Start time: 21:00
Place: Ca’ Zanardi
Organizer: Incentive Harmony di Nicolas & Jeanne-Bénédicte Arnita
Great Ball of XVIIIth Century celebrating the opening of Carnival 2005 at Ca’Zanardi. Special guests: the Madrina “Godmothers” of Carnival and the charming “Seven Maries”, elected during a Venitian historical ceremony since 12th century, directed by Bruno Tosi. The exceptional presence of masked celebrities and the performance of a Quartet Barocco & soprano, will give an unforgeteble atmosphere of a live 18th century ball.The quartet will play the most famous Venetian authors from the 19th century like B. Marcello, A. Lotti, B. Galuppi & A. Vivaldi. Guests will be trasported in the misterious East by oriental dancers.
Bruno Tosi and Mr and Mrs Arnita will Award the most romantic couple of the evening. The Ball will continue along with music of the 70th, 80th up till the most famous modern one.

9.00 pm Welcome cocktail and seated buffet gala dinner with musical entertainment.
11.00 pm Musical entertainments from Venetian XVIIIth century
After midnight: international music starting from the 70s.
Dress Code: Costume and Mask
Information : Tel. +39 041 241 02 20 Fax + 39 041 523 77 16
PRICE: 245 € VAT INCL. per person & Special price for groups

Partecipation costs: Euro 245

I Fasti del Settecento: “Amori e Passioni… Arte e Sregolatezza…” CENA DI GALA E BALLO IN MASCHERA

Start time: 21:00
Place: Palazzo Albrizzi, Cannaregio 4118, Venezia.
Organizer: ACIT Venezia
The frivolities and affectedness of an age when powdered ladies and fatuously gallant cicisbei walked through the tempered cadences of the minuet are coming to new life in the Grand Gala opening the Carnival season at Palazzo Albrizzi.

Love games are interlaced with dances from the ballet Les Petits Riens with music by Mozart, choreography by Clara Santoni, and the performers of the Accademia della Danza di Venezia’s corps de ballet.

Countertenor Johannes Reichert, portraying Farinelli, performs arias from Artaserse by J. A. Hasse, while soprano Margitta Rosales expresses her virtuosity in Faustina Bordoni’s role, interpreting the “Canzoni da batelo” by the “Divine Saxon”.

Ladies and gentlemen in elegant historical costumes will be able to enjoy, in turn, the pleasure of ballet and mouth-watering delicacies: guests will be comfortably seated at candlelit tables before slipping into the carousel of gavottes, minuets, and contradances under the graceful guidance of the incomparable Clara Santoni, the renowned Maître de Danse who was recently hired with her dancers for the ballet scene in the Disney-Buena Vista film Casanova.

The sumptuous 18th Century salons of the Palazzo create a marvellous setting for this event, reinforced by Quartetto Barocco Regale’s period performances of the music of Vivaldi, Galuppi, and Mozart.

Artistic director: Nevia Capello

Reservations: Palazzo Albrizzi – ACIT Venezia – Phone: +39 0415232544 – Phone/Fax +39 0415245275 – E-Mail: –

The membership-card (fee 258,00 euro) allows entrance also to the other cultural events at Palazzo Albrizzi during 2005.
Partecipation costs: Euro 258,00